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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Travels with ChaRly - deaf historical sites

This vblogsite takes you to sites, important and "sacred", in Deaf History. And to discuss them with vblogs. The videos, soon to be uploaded, came from 8mm videotapes shot at "sacred" places in Europe and in America in 1992.

To the hill where Gallaudet and Clerc taught. To the basement where Sicard and Massieu worked. To the books belonging to Alexander Graham Bell. To the building where William Stokoe worked on his dictionary. To the place where Samuel Heincke started the German Oralism. To the site of Epee's father's house where he first started his school. And to the sites of Deaf schools that once produced the Deaf's Little Paper family. And many more . . .

. . . and to several sacred places deep inside Gallaudet University.

Ultimately to the Sacred "D".

Français: dans ce Vblog vous allez trouver plusieurs Vidéos signé en LSF aussi. A la base les vidéos sont fait pour un public Américain, donc les sou-titres et l'introduction sont en anglais.

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