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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Comedian - Keith Wann - ASL

Performer - Comedian - Actor - Presenter - Consultant - Interpreter

Keith Wann, a child of deaf adults, is one of America’s funniest ASL comedians. Keith tours around the ASL Nation performing his one man show “Watching Two Worlds Collide” rated G to Adult Humor, and as a Storyteller for Festivals featuring family and children stories in ASL.
Keith has gone Hollywood and been on a few TV shows as an extra, including Law and Order and Court TV and also appeared in Mosdeux's Resonare as the Demented Apple Farmer...and just finished filming another film playing a deranged prison convict.

Keith is working on a collection of CODA stories for a book and plans on filming his 2nd DVD with all new material soon. Keith also teaches workshops for interpreters to analyze lyrics and ASL. From this he hopes to develop an ASL music show.

Keith has worked solo and in collaboration with other great ASL artists bringing to stage Coda stories, Deaf culture, Improv, Sketch comedy, and ASL student bashing. Keith lives in Brooklyn, NY and works part-time as an interpreter certified CI CT and NIC:Master. Keith just finished a week long program at Juliard on interpreting Broadway plays and plans to continue exploring more options in the performing arts as an interpreter and artist.

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