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Saturday, October 13, 2007 or

Many sections of the site are open access, so you can look around at all the content available, but you'll need to login to get the best bits!

  • Features Include, but are not limited to: Online games and activities for adults and children
  • SignSwap searchable Auslan Dictionary with outline sign images PLUS video, colour clipart and pictograms
  • Resource Database - Search for a resource on a topic, or containing certain signs. Define the kind of resource you're looking for (worksheets, songsheet, cards etc.)
  • Create custom worksheets from Categories, Learning Levels or your own word list
  • Online Text-To-Keysign Converter
  • Learn and revise Learning Levels and Categories using our online tutorial system
  • Printable/Savable Worksheets
  • Online discussion board on resources and how to use them
  • Phrase Interpreter - Enter an English phrase and have the signs displayed in Auslan grammar order! (beta version)
  • Class plans, workshop activities and curriculum material
  • Telephone support through our 1800 number (subject to availability)
  • New signs, clipart, vidoes, games, resources and online generators added frequently

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