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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sign writing

Nine web sites designed and produced by webmaster
Valerie Sutton, inventor of Sutton Movement Writing:

1. SignWriting Site
Read & Write Sign Languages

2. SignBank Site
Sign Language Databases

3. DanceWriting Site
Read & Write Dance Movement

4. Movement Writing Site
Read & Write All Body Movement

5. SymbolBank Site
Symbol Archive for the International
Movement Writing Alphabet (IMWA

6. A Global Writing System for a Global Age
Autobiography, Inventor Movement Writing

7. The SoulSite
Spiritual Poetry by D.N. Sutton

World Medicine & Ethiopian Journal
Pamela Sutton, MD. Palliative Care

9. Paul Sutton, Ph.D, Physicist
Variation of the Elastic Constants

"SignWriting®", "SignWriter®", "SignBank®", "Sign-Symbol-Sequence®" and "DanceWriting®" are registered trademarks belonging to the Center For Sutton Movement Writing, Inc.

SignPuddle™, SignText™, SignMaker™ and SignMail™ are trademarks belonging to Stephen Slevinski.

"Sutton Movement Writing & Shorthand" is a way to read and write all body movement. The system includes five sections: DanceWriting, SignWriting, MimeWriting, SportsWriting and MovementWriting. Sutton DanceWriting was first invented in 1972, and Sutton SignWriting in 1974.

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