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Saturday, September 29, 2007

ASL Browser - Learn ASL Syntax

American Sign Language - Look up Signs

While the ASL Browser is an excellent resource for looking up ASL signs, it is not designed to teach you sign language. There are several excellent resources available for learning American Sign Language (ASL), including:

  • is a web site that offers a series of online courses in American Sign Language that will give the basic skills you need to become fluent in ASL.

    Upon completion of all four courses, you will know how to greet people, ask questions, describe things, tell stories, name things, express your feelings, and much more. You will have learned over 800 signs and know how to put them together to carry on meaningful conversations in ASL.

  • American Sign Language The Easy Way

    Learning ASL-American Sign Language-becomes easy with the help of this heavily illustrated book. This edition has been updated to include information on new technological developments and their related vocabulary. A useful guide both for the deaf and for those who teach or otherwise work among deaf men and women, this book opens with a detailed presentation of the 10 key grammatical rules of ASL. Also emphasized is the use of "facial grammar" as an important supplement to manual signing. Most of this book's contents are devoted to demonstrating and explaining signing. More than 800 line drawings clearly illustrate different words and then show how to combine them to convey statements. Here is easy access to the use of American Sign Language, a practical book for both the deaf and for those with normal hearing who have occasion to communicate with the deaf.

    Author: David A. Stewart, Ed.D. and Elizabeth Stewart
    Publ: Barron's Educational series
    ISBN: 0-7641-3428-0

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